Silver Spring's Couples Counseling Approach at Sun Point

At the heart of all the couples counseling we do at Sun Point Wellness we strive to provide the most effective therapy with a holistic, compassionate and warm approach.  According to studies, the best key to long lasting relationship among couples is working on communication and commitment with your partner. Couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons in their relationship including: feelings of disconnection, lack of emotional or sexual intimacy, infidelity, and frequent disagreements or communication issues.  We’re here to talk with you about the best plan to help you through the difficulties you’re facing.   Sun Point utilizes evidence-based practices that are shown to help couples the most.

When should I come to couples therapy? 

In order to get the most out of your couples counseling sessions, we recommend you and your partner write a list of the changes you hope to see in your relationship. 

Here are some questions to discuss with your partner before beginning therapy:

  • Where do you want your relationship to be?  If you were to say you’d gotten enough out of therapy – describe what your relationship with your partner would be like.
  • If you’re feeling disconnected, can you describe the last couple of times you felt disconnected?  And when was the last time you felt connected to your partner?
  • If there are arguments – what typically precipitates them and what does the conversation and argument look like?
  • How frequently do you and your partner have date nights or connection time?  How is that time together?
  • When do you feel most emotionally connected to your partner?
  • What is your sexual intimacy life like?  Are there changes you and your partner want to make?
  • What does a day look like with you and your partner now?  What did it look like when you started dating?

These questions will allow us to work together to create a plan to help you and your partner overcome obstacles in your relationship.  Our licensed therapists are trained in a mix of evidence-based practices that allow for a solution-focused approach, while using emotionally-focused couples therapy.  Sun Point embraces an emotional-focused approach which allows couples to connect one another and receive feedback from their therapist in order to improve communication and methods of emotionally engaging with one another.  Feel free to give us a call today to learn more and see if couples therapy is the right choice for you.