Preparing For Your First Therapy Session (During the Holiday Season)

“Tis the season to be jolly...patient, relaxed and stress-free…”

Vacation is the time of year that we should all be enjoying a well-deserved break from our frenetic lives, however, the holiday season can lend itself to a lot of unexpected stress.   

This serves as the perfect opportunity to seek someone to assist you in processing stress with family, along with any emotions that are not serving you well.  Finding a licensed therapist near you, such as the Sun Point Wellness Center located in Silver Spring, Maryland, could be one of the most constructive and fulfilling gift you could give yourself this year.

Choosing and seeing a Counselor for the first time, can be a daunting exercise - it can be an overwhelming process with many different approaches and theoretical directions that guide professionals.  

This article will list a few ways in which you can prepare for your first session and set you at ease regarding the process.

We all expect to return to work feeling refreshed and ready for the new year, but in reality, this time of year can cause us to feel negative, agitated or depressed. 

Quite naturally this state of being can result from anything such as:

  • Spending hard-earned finances on groceries in order to feed expectant guests, but the nagging burden of rising costs and restraining budgets weigh heavily on us

  • Being strong for all those around us as we silently mourn the first holiday season without a life-long partner, sibling, child or friend

  • Well meaning in-laws, parents or visitors innocently offering ‘constructive’ criticism regarding our lifestyles

All of these seemingly ‘insignificant’ causes can lead to a great amount of internalized and toxic emotion.  Keeping this pent-up and not having space to process these emotions with a professional therapist can lead to feelings of isolation and puts great strain on relationships.

Taking a moment to catch one’s breath or a private half-hour resting on your bed just doesn’t seem to be sufficient and the need to express this whirlwind of emotion becomes almost unbearable.

Sun Point Wellness Center (situated in Silver Spring, Maryland) creates the idyllic environment for the exploration of your feelings.  Not only are our Licensed Therapists non-judgmental, but they are available and empathetic to address any issues on your mind.  Each therapist on our team has a specialized approach who will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan. Firmly founded in a holistic approach, every one of the Therapists at Sun Point, believes in YOU and your ability to attain a fulfilled life within each highly confidential session.

The Counselors are highly skilled to make you feel right at home. Even if it’s your first time.  They are sympathetic to your situation and aimed at helping you grown on a psychological as well as inter-personal level.

Being prepared will allow you to get the very best out of your first session, as well as let you feel a lot more relaxed.

Top 3 Tips for Preparing for your First Session:

  1. Read through the Sun Point Wellness Centre website to see which therapist will be consulting with you.  A familiar face and environment will decrease your anxiety.  

  2. Familiarize yourself with the route to the office.  There is metered parking available at the Fenton Street Village Garage, as well as street parking.  Please plan to arrive 10-minutes early for your first session to fill out intake paperwork

  3. Prepare a list of questions or concerns before the first session - this will enable you to remember all that you intend finding out and/or expressing and addressing in later sessions.  Please give thought to what changes you want to see in your life from the counseling process.

Finally… Imagine your first stress-free vacation that you can really enjoy!  Sun Point Wellness Center can assist you in achieving this - a place where you can leave all your worries and troubles in the hands of a qualified, caring and encouraging Therapist.