Ditch Dieting. Embrace Nourishment!

Want feel energetic throughout the day?  Research shows the high correlation between what you eat and how you feel.  Here are some takeaway lessons from Blue Zones, places in the world where people live the longest:

1.  Eat the rainbow to get your phytonutrients with your fruits and veggies.  Aim to eat 8 different raw veggies a day and at least a pound of cooked vegetables everyday.    

2.  Eat whole grains and beans.  Whole grains include brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, millet, and more.  And eat at least a cup of beans a day, the options are endless-black beans, chickpeas, great northern, or kidney beans-to name a few!

3.  Eliminate sugar, including soda and fruit juices.  Instead, satisfy your sweet tooth with a few pieces of fruit a day, munching on some dates, and dark chocolate. 

4.   Drink water throughout the day.  Bored of it?  Add a wedge of lemon, grapegruit, cucumber or mint. 

5.  Plan for three filling meals everyday with lots of fiber!  Need snacks to keep you going?  Keep nuts, dried fruit, seeds, veggies/hummus, and other healthy low-fat options on hand.  

Cheers to happy, healthy meal planning!