When is it Time for Couples Counseling?

Over 95% of the phone calls we receive at Sun Point for couples counseling issues are issues that have been occurring for several years.  We're here to support couples that need immediate help, and also encourage couples to attend therapy when things are going well - as a relationship check-in.   

We visit the doctor for our annual check-up without thinking twice, and it’s helpful to have a relationship check-in with a therapist as a space to check-in about our values and whether our relationship is on the path to being supportive to one another.  Building healthy patterns early in your relationship is crucial for a successful long-term relationship. 

The best time to strengthen your relationship is when things are going well for you both.  When your communication patterns are strong, it allows couples counseling to be more productive by discussing any issues of tension or conflict.  

Want to start opening up couples dialogue before therapy?  The New York Times recently published a list of questions that couples should ask before getting married including  'How important is religion?  Is your debit my debt? And, How Important Is Sex to You?'  Our licensed therapists highly encourage all couples to take time to dive into challenging questions and allow you and your partner a safe space to figure out what is important to you both.

Here are some questions we will explore in therapy with couples: How do you and your partner show one another appreciation? Where do you see the two of you in a year?  Five years?  Are you content with your communication style?  How is your intimacy?  What are areas of the relationship you two want to improve?  Our therapists are trained to create an individualized therapy plan for you as a couple.

Sun Point encourages all couples to try a relationship tune-up session to explore these topics - and allows couples to choose how frequently they want to check-in - for some it’s weekly, and others either monthly (or evenly annually!)  Send our therapists a message today to schedule your relationship tune-up session!