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Let's Talk About Depression

October is Depression Awareness Month and at Sun Point Wellness Center we welcome all who wish to discuss or share their experiences with depression. With this piece, we aim to help raise awareness of depression and the common signs that a person who suffers from depression may experience. 

Signs of Depression

Understanding depression and the impact it has on the lives of many people around world is necessary in order to reduce and prevent the ill-effects depression can have on someone’s life. Below are some common signs that you or someone you know and love may experience if suffering from depression. While each sign in isolation is not a guarantee the person in question is suffering from depression, experiencing all or multiple signs below at the same time can be a very clear indicator of depression. 

Lack of enthusiasm. An initial sign of depression is a lack of enthusiasm or pleasure from activities and hobbies that were once enjoyed. This includes sports, sex, socializing and many other activities. Although occasional subside in enthusiasm can be normal, especially if you are having a bad day or period. Frequent or a permanent lack of interest, especially if the reason is unknown, in activities once enjoyed is possible symptom of depression. 

Negative outlook. Another sign that someone may be experiencing depression is if they have a considerably negative perspective on life. Especially if it interferes or prevents them from being happy. Usual examples of this are feelings of worthlessness, feeling undeserving of happiness or frequently feeling guilty even when nothing has been done to negatively impact someone else. 

While it can be hard to discern if what someone is feeling is depression or if they are just having a bad day, a good way to tell the difference is by the frequency of these negative feelings. If the potential suffer is feeling worthless or guilty on a daily basis, it is most likely an indicator of depression. 

Disquietude. Being easily irritated, feeling restless and having difficulty concentrating are all potential signs someone suffering from depression may exhibit. Common consequences of this are: insomnia - struggling or failing to sleep, especially without medication; anxiety - regularly feeling nervous, fear or distress to point it becomes inhibitive; and distraction - being unable to focus to the point it prevents decision making and comprehension of relatively routine tasks. 

Overcoming Depression

Depression is significantly mentally and physically draining and can inhibit someone from enjoying life and being happy. It can also lead to severe consequences including mental and physical health complications and an overall degraded wellbeing. In some extreme cases, it can also lead to suicide. 

Preventing depression is better than trying to cure it. However, we understand this is not an easy task and this advice does not help existing suffers of depression. Some general advice on to reduce depressive episodes includes: 

Avoiding distressing environments. Everyone should avoid or reduce the amount of times they are exposed to distressing environments. Environments such as ones that can result in feeling unsafe, scared or endangered are textbook examples.

Reach out. It is important to remain connected to friends, family and supportive members of the community. For example, make it routine to regularly call relatives and arrange to meet with friends for outings. Do not forget the power of face-to-face socializing. While calling and texting are great ways to communicate conveniently, in-person meeting are invaluable for a healthy social lifestyle. 

Exercise. Keeping active and moving helps everyone physically and mentally. It helps boost moods and serves as a positive distraction from worries someone may be have. 

Find Enjoyable Activities. It is very effective to partake in activities that boost moods, whether it is listening to music, decorating or going on a road trip. Everyone should try and incorporate ways to elevate their mood and remain positive. 

If you are already suffering from depression or concerned that you may be developing symptoms of depression, we strongly advise you seek appropriate professional support. Here at Sun Point Wellness Center, we provide professional and effective therapy sessions that are dedicated to helping individuals suffering from depression or those concerned they may have depression. Enquire at our Silver Spring, Maryland office for advice or to arrange a session.