Top Ways to Connect in the Community

Living a fulfilling life is about more than just chasing your own dreams and goals. It’s about connecting with individuals around you and development on a social level as well. We are meant to help and support each other and help uplift our communities. So how can you get involved:

  • Volunteer: Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to form part of your community. Every community has something they stand for or organizations that need help. Maybe you can volunteer at the soup kitchen or at the puppy shelter. You’ll meet new people and help your community in the process.

  • Solve a problem: Another great way to get involved is by helping to fix a current problem in the community. Do you have a contact that could sponsor a local play or a budget-friendly contractor for a new feature in the park? It’s about using your resources to help others in need.

  • Attend Events: In order to connect with the community you can try and attend the local events. This includes town meetings, bake sales, sports events and book sales. It’s about making yourself present and showing that you are open to connecting with others.

  • Exercise: See if there are walking or other exercise groups that you can join in your community. It’s a great way to stay fit while making friends and connecting with community members alike.


These are just a few easy ways in which you can connect and form part of your community. It might be easier said than done for some individuals, so if you want to discuss how you can connect with a few setbacks you might have, we can discuss it during therapy. We're based in Lancaster, PA and I’d be happy to help.