Maryland’s Approach to Chronic Mental Health Issues and Therapy

We work with many individuals and families who live with a family member with chronic mental health issues.  As Maryland residents, there are a variety of different programs to help support and meet the needs of people living with chronic mental health diagnoses.  These include both therapy and rehabilitation elements to help with recovery.  Chronic mental health conditions can include: schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar, and major depressive disorder.  

The Assertive Community Treatment model (ACT) is traditionally used to help best provide services for someone with chronic mental health needs.  This model allows a team approach to provide the best level of care and meet each person where they are in life.  

What program support does Maryland provide funding to in order to provide the best mental healthcare?  Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (commonly known as PRP) provides both in-home and community-based rehabilitation counselor visits - occurring at least six times each month.  The team includes a licensed therapist who helps develop a recovery plan with their client along with their case manager’s help.  

Case managers can help provide support in conjunction with a client’s rehabilitation plan both in home, as well as in a group atmosphere at a counseling agency.  Both community group support, along with home support and crucial elements in recovery for chronic mental health issues.  For more information and recommendations about psychiatric rehabilitation programs for you or a loved one, please give us a call at: (301) 960-8991 and we are happy to discuss referral options in the community that will be best for your needs.