Emerging Young Adult Group

Are you in your 20s but not sure if you’re on the right path? Do you need help navigating your next "step" in life?  Are you trying to develop a plan to live on your own? Feeling stressed because you’re living paycheck to paycheck? If any of these questions resonate with you, then reach out to learn more.

This group is designed for 20-somethings who may be taking a break from college due to mental health, substance use issues, or be under-employed and seeking a career transition. Part-time students may also qualify who are not sure if they are on the right path. Interested group members will attend a 2-hour intake meeting to make sure it’s the “best fit” therapeutic group process based on their current goals for group.

When: Fridays from 10am-11:30am beginning 9/14/18-11/9/18

Where: Sun Point Wellness Center - 48 N. Queen (Suite 200) Lancaster, PA 17603 

Group Facilitators: Kayla Woods, BSW, MSW-Candidate at Millersville University & Laura Morse, M.Ed., LPC- Director at Sun Point Wellness Center

Cost: $450 ($50 per group - insurance reimbursable.) If sliding scale or pro bono spot is necessary, please submit pay stubs and last years tax form. Group is limited to 8 participants.

How to register: Call Laura Morse 301.960.8991 or e-mail: laura@sunpointwellness.com. Please fax or e-mail any former/current mental health records, high school transcripts, college transcripts/IEPs/Neuropsych Assessments (if applicable) to Laura Morse at: 301.576.6881 or laura@sunpointwellness.com

Group Process

This 9-week process group will allow men & women in their 20s to have a group approach to share and reflect on their life course. Each week will identify a particular topic, allowing group participants to create their own life plan, including a focus on: personal relationship goals, academic interests, career prospects, setting boundaries with family members, and creating a year treatment plan. The therapeutic process will embrace strengths-based outlook on the whole person for changes each person wants to see in their future. Group facilitators will collaborate with each group participant's individual therapist to ensure that there is both individual & group space to process goals. Family therapy with parents/guardians may be recommended as part of the treatment plan.


  • Am I required to attend all groups?

    • Yes - full group attendance is required, with exceptions for emergencies. The reason for complete attendance is to allow participants to gain as many resources as a result of the group.

  • Do I need to be attending individual therapy?

    • Yes - based on your initial assessment - clients will be required to attend individual therapy on an ongoing basis - either weekly or every other week. This determination will be made as a collaborative approach during the intake meeting.

  • Can I choose my individual therapist?

    • Definitely - you’re welcome to choose your own individual therapist. We ask that you sign a release of information (ROI form) in order for us to collaborate so you can focus on your group goals in your individual sessions.

  • I have more questions - who can I reach out to?

    • Give Laura Morse a ring at: 301.960.8991 or e-mail: laura@sunpointwellness.com