Group Counseling

Mental Health Week Awareness

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND, NOVEMBER 16, 2016 - Sun Point Wellness Center is pleased to announce that they will be highlighting Mental Health Week with a community de-stress relaxation group.

Mental Health Week is November 16 - 22, 2016, and is a movement that strives to promote mental health wellness across the United States. By promoting mental health wellness education and delivering effective strategies for enhancing mental and overall wellness, providers across the country will take part in Mental Health Week.

The team at Sun Point Wellness Center looks forward to being among national providers acknowledging Mental Health Week. New and prospective clients can take advantage of the clinic’s community de-stress relaxation group by contacting Sun Point Wellness Center for scheduled dates and times.

Sun Point Wellness Center is the premier wellness clinic in Silver Spring and the surrounding area. Patients can receive personalized, dynamic services from the clinic’s skilled and professional team, such as individual, couples, and group counseling.

According to Laura Morse at Sun Point Wellness Center, “We're hosting a de-stress group to provide our community with coping strategies to help during the holiday times. This group will serves as a catalyst to allow each of us to reflect on our coping strategies.”

Sun Point Wellness Center’s licensed therapists look forward to working with local residents who want to unwind and de-stress through the holidays. 

The Power of Male Friendships: Counseling for Men to Create Stronger Relationships

In Dr. Robert Garfield’s book “Breaking the Male Code: Unlocking the power of friendship”, he explores the power of men feeling connected to one another through emotional sharing in their friendships.  As a professor of psychiatry at The University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Garfield investigates male friendships through his research in Friendship Labs - examining the impact of male counseling groups on their social lives.  Dr. Garfield breaks down the myths of masculinity being correlated with strength, silence and stoicism - and the mental health risks that come when we adapt these attitudes. 

A fundamental need for all humans is to feel emotionally connected to one another - and Dr. Garfield leads ‘Friendship Labs’ to teach men about the power and potential of close friendships. Taking a glimpse into the male groups he leads, he explores the larger societal reasons that prevent many men from feeling able to connect with one another.  He illustrates powerful examples of men and their stories in his book.  

Sun Point recommends “Breaking the Male Code” to any man who feels like his friendships are lacking in connection.  Through stories of men in Dr. Garfields' groups - he shows how listening skills and sharing can draw us closer to each other.  Dr. Garfield teaches us that each of us has the power to challenge the societal norms of friendship.  

The former President of the American Psychological Association, Donald Bersoff, Ph.D. recommended “Breaking the Male Code” stating “with warmth and empathy, Rob Garfield takes on the task of helping us to overcome our stereotypes about maleness and our often incomplete definition of friendship so that men can relate to each other in an intimate way.”  After reading Dr. Garfield’s book, you will look at your friendships in a new way - and have new exercises to apply in your everyday life.

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